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[0.9.9] [LAMP] Lee's ALL MOD Pack World of Tanks


С помощью этого модпака игра World of Tanks [0.9.9] станет намного интересней. В этом мод паке есть множество прицелов которые Вы сможете выбрать себе подходящей, а также новая расширенная прицельная система. Зум 60-х представит Вам намного комфортную стрельбу с большого расстояния и прицеливания уязвимых зон танка противника. Это далеко не полный перечень возможности Lee's ALL MOD Pack.

Список всех модов:
Enemy Reload over tank & on Minimap OTM (Legal version, see Wargaming NA forum) NEW 0.9.6.v7
Team HP Pool NEW 0.9.6.v1
HitSkins NEW 0.9.5v6
Advanced Aiming System (auto-corrects round tragectory, replaces BalCalcMod) NEW 0.9.5
Mav's Clan Message Center NEW 0.9.5.v5
Piciu's WarThunder Sound mods NEW 0.9.5.v5
Enemy Spotted Directional indicator. NEW 0.9.4
Star Wars Music & Laser Gun Sounds NEW 0.9.4
Two Steps from Hell Music NEW 0.9.4
Battle Assistant Arty Sniper Mod NEW 0.9.5
Duke-Nukem Voice mod
New Advanced Installer (w/mod Pic Preview)
XVM (get XVM ONLY or with all the below mods)
TAIPAN Crosshairs by Dicky93 (w/ armor indicator & Pen Dot) & Kriegstreiber's ArtyCrosshairs
(NOTE go into game settings to change styles to get the red pen dot, etc.)
All the BEST Crosshair and Arty sights to choose from..... (you can pick the sight you like)
Jimbo's, Deegies, MeltyMapsMathMod, RoughNecks, Soulza's, and many more. (many special customized better than original)
Gun Traverse Indicator for SPG and TD
Gun Constraints for TD & Arty, two styles to choose
MeltyMaps Armor Indicator
60x zoom level....
SPG Shell travel time
Old Server Side Reticle
Max Zoom In & Out Arcade + Arty
Fire Alarm Sound, Visual and Text Notification
Custom SixthSense + Audio (allows editing style only)
Custom Icons modules, shells and consumables
Colored messages
MiniMap + Pointer Lines
Battle Messenger SPAM/Bad word Filter (blocks sentences you don't want/need to see)
Railway and Trains Colored
Colored Icons Tanks (H. M, L, TD, A)
Clock in Battle Loading
Extra statistic information in Battle Reports, Service Record and new Gadget
Chance to win & more
Off-White_Dead_Tanks & Brownish Damaged Tracks
Kiskami-paintball (red for hit, green for ricochet)
Custom Consumable icons and Tank Men Medals
Multi-RowTank Carousel
Platooning Battle Tier indication.
No_Intro Videos
Damage indicator (with 15 sec indication)
Zayaz_BattleInterface (replaced HitLog with my advanced detailed version)
Webium-killcounter-locastan-timer-Customizable radial menu (see Install below how to edit radial menu)
Zoom in, out, no gun shake, server side recticle
Messenger V3 by Yasen Krasen
Battle Loading Background screens (map strategy)
Extra Server side Rectical variations in colors and design (you choose the style you like).
Extra Sixth Sense options images and audio (you choose the icon and sound).
SafeShot (helps prevent shooting teammates and dead tanks, blocks firing when gun illuminates tank) Updated v0.8.11
No Zooming of Arty Aiming Box on Minimap
Colored Lettering & Numbers on the Minimap Border
Server Selection Fix (your selected server is remembered, fixes Wargaming bug)
Free Camera Mode (Works only during Replays see operation instructions below)
I'm Spotted Mod (no-spam version, only relays already available info to team)
Tank HP #'s in Players Panel NEW 0.9.0.v3
Black Scope Shadow (pre-9.0) NEW 0.9.0.v5
Clan Mod NEW 0.9.2.v3
Multi-Hit Log NEW 0.9.3.v4

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